Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Give Thanks, Get Vintage, starting November 1

From November 1-30, choose one of these two adorable vintage sets from Mabelle R.O.™. Harvest Bear is just $5.95 and Turkey is just $5.25, and both are perfect for your autumn stamping projects. (No special discounts can be applied to these prices.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October Stamp of the Month

Hello Fall (set of 6) is the Stamp of the Month for October.  Perfect for all your fall stamping needs, this set can be yours for just $5.95 (retail $7.95) with any $30 purchase, before shipping and tax.  

This offer is only available through October 31, 2008.

A new drawing from TAC™

I'm pleased to announce another new drawing offered this month by TAC™ home office.  Enter in your name and info by October 31, 2008 at their website to be eligible (check out the main site for details).  You could win $53.80 in products:

  • Miss Moxie™ Soar With It Collection
  • Rockin' Roxie™ Soar With It Collection
  • Miss Moxie™ Coordinating Cardstock
  • Miss Moxie™ Hardware
  • Miss Moxie™ Ribbon
  • Glitter Goblins stamp set

Friday, September 19, 2008

Win Angelee package!

Fill out this drawing entry by September 30 to be entered into a drawing to win a fabulous Angelee™ Natalee™ scrapbooking kit by The Angel Company! The package includes $56.30 in retail products:

  • Angelee™ paper collection
  • Natalee™ accordian album kit
  • Antique copper hardware
  • Pewter hardware
  • Angelee™ coordinating cardstock
  • Angelee™ ribbon
  • Just a Note stamp set
Only one entry per household. Unfortunately, demonstrators and employees (and members of their household) of TAC are not allowed to enter. Plus you must be a legal resident of the US, Puerto Rico, Guam, APO, FPO or District of Columbia.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Double Dipping Promotion...

Beginning September 15 through November 3, 2008, we're offering double hostess and gift-with-purchase benefits when you attend or host a FunShop with The Angel Company™ with our Double Dipping promotion! For a limited time:

  • Guests collect two gift with purchase stamps for free with every $30 in purchases at a Funshop.
  • Hostesses collect double the benefits: two half-price items for every $100 in sales, and two hostess sets for every level (starting at just $100 in workshop sales!)
  • New Angels who sign up during this promotion can choose an extra $50 in T-coded stamp sets!
There's never been a better time to book a workshop or sign up to become a demonstrator! Contact me at alington@mac.com for more information.

Fall Supplement available to order!

I'm thrilled to announce the arrival of TAC™'s Fall Supplement! A great new lineup of fall and winter stamps for your holiday needs is available to order online now.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall In Love With Sydney™ Promotion

Coming on September 5 through September 30 only...

This limited time promotion is a great deal for beginning and advanced scrapbookers and stampers alike. For just $34.95, you'll receive $43.75 in products, including:

  • Syndey™ Circle album kit
  • Circle tin
  • Penelope Soar With It™ paper collection
  • Coordinating ribbon collection
  • Exclusive limited edition stamp set, True Love
The stamp set is only available with this promotion, and will not be seen again. It's a great way to get to know our easy-to-use scrapbook kits and create a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special and get a head start on a Christmas gift.

September Stamp of the Month

Perfect for scrapbookers, The Angel Company's Stamp of the Month for September is called I Remember When, and is a set of 9 stamps, including journaling plates perfect for gifts, cards and panels on scrapbook layouts.
This set retails for for $19.95, and it's yours for just $13.95 with any purchase of $30 (before shipping and sales tax). It's only available during the month of September, so get yours before it's too late!

Monday, August 18, 2008

August Stamp of the Month

The stamp of the month for August is Essence of Life, a versatile set of 22 word stamps, perfect for scrapbookers and card crafters alike. This set can be yours for just $10.95 (retail $15.95) with any $30 purchase (before shipping and tax).  Order yours before the end of the month, since this offer expires August 31, 2008.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Enter to win a free Woodrowe gift set!

Visit this link and enter in your name and address by August 28, 2008, and you could be the winner of this great promotional package, worth $49.30.
The material is provided by The Angel Company™. You'll be notified by email and phone if you win!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Alison's Collage


  1. Begin with the lightest shade of ink from the VersaMagic set, Wheat. Ink up one of the square stamps from the It’s Always Springtime stamp set, and stamp a checkerboard pattern on a white 4”x5.25” glossy panel. Be careful to not to rock the stamp, and be extra careful to use an up and down motion when using glossy paper, since it smears easily. (This project works best on glossy paper, since the chalk ink dries to a nice, matte finish.) Start with a single stamp on the cardstock, and then attach iterations, re-inking each time you stamp the image. Be sure you stamp off the edge of the card as shown in my example.
  2. Next, change to another block, and use the next darker color, Niagara Mist. Start in another place and do another checkboard pattern, ignoring the first pattern. You will overlap the first pattern some, but do not cover all your white space.
  3. Ink up a final square with Sage ink, and make another checkerboard pattern, beginning in another spot on your card. Your card should be getting fairly densely covered at this point, but you should still have some white showing.
  4. Now, switch to Brilliance ink in Pearlescent Olive and the Script Background stamp. Ink up the stamp well, and start stamping in the upper left corner on about a 45 degree angle, as I show in the picture.
  5. Continue covering the entire card with the script stamp in columns, re-inking each time. When you finish the first column, you’ll want to continue on to the side columns as well, until the entire card is covered with the script, as shown.
  6. Next, ink the outer edges of the card using Coffee Bean Brilliance ink. You can either lightly drag the edges of the card across the ink pad’s surface, or brush the ink lightly across the edge of the card.
  7. Set the glossy panel aside to dry.
  8. Meanwhile, stamp the sentiment (“Brighter Place” fits nicely) on the small strip (0.5" x 4") of glossy white paper in Sahara Sand ink. It should line up perfectly.
  9. Ink the edges of this strip with Coffee Bean ink and let dry.
  10. Line up your ribbon about 1/3 of the way across the front of your stamped white card front, or as desired.
  11. Turn the card over to the back, holding the ribbon ends. Using tape, tape the ends of the ribbon to the back of the card.
  12. Apply adhesive to the back of stamped glossy panel, and attach it to the folded green card base (cut to 8.5" x 5.5"). It is cut slightly smaller than the card base, so it should leave a perfect narrow border.
  13. Next, attach the sentiment as desired--I put mine towards the bottom right of the card with the sheer ribbon slightly overlapping the sentiment.
  14. Finally, attach a spiral clip as desired for the final touch.

Paper Piecing #2


  1. Ink the edges of the 5.25" x 4" large floral print panel with brown ink and let dry.
  2. Ink the edges of the 1" x 5.5" striped strip of cardstock and let dry.
  3. Stamp the geisha image several times in black ink: first on a 1.75" x 3.25" white cardstock panel, then several partial scraps (she doesn’t need to fit on all the scraps, since you’ll be cutting out pieces of her outfit in a moment). Let these pieces dry.
  4. Adhere the large floral print background to the wine card base (8.5" x 5.5").
  5. Adhere the striped strip to the floral print base as shown.
  6. Begin cutting out pieces of the geisha’s kimono, cutting on the stamped line. Don’t worry about getting it exact--the pieces will fit together perfectly if you cut on that line.
  7. Adhere each piece to the white stamped image, being careful to line up the images as you go.
  8. Keep cutting out pieces and adding them in layers to the white stamped image as shown. I left the geisha’s hands bare.
  9. If you have white edges showing through from scissor cuts, fill them in with black marker. I also colored the geisha’s hair in with black marker.
  10. Next, using the broad, brush side of the gray marker, go around the entire image. This gives the image a softer look, and blends the pieces together.
  11. Ink the edges of this panel in brown ink, and adhere it to main card as shown.
  12. Stamp the “beauty” sentiment in black to the punched tab, ink the edges in brown, and adhere to the card as shown.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Paper Piecing Tutorial


  1. Shake the leafing pen well with the cap on. Remove cap, and press the marker tip up and down several times on scratch paper to start the paint flowing.
  2. Place a 4” x 5.25” panel from the Uptown Girl paper on the scratchpad. Line up the flat side of the leafing pen with about half the marker tip on the edge of panel and half on the scratch paper. Draw a straight line along the edge of the panel. You should have an even silver border. Pick up the panel and turn it to do the next side, till all four sides are complete. Let dry.
  3. Ink the lady holding the purse from the Kallioppe stamp set with black ink and stamp her once on a 2” x 3” white rectangle, and once on the dot/stripe print from Uptown Girl. Let dry.
  4. Stamp the shoe greeting on a rectangle punched from Uptown Girl. Let dry.
  5. Being careful to cut directly on the black stamped line, cut out just the dress from the dot/stripe stamped image. Don’t worry about the curls on the design. You’ll want just the dress as shown. For best results, turn the paper and keep the scissors straight as you cut.
  6. Apply a bit of adhesive to the printed dress and adhere it to the stamped image on the white cardstock. It should line up perfectly. If you have any scissor marks showing, fill them in with black marker.
  7. Outline the entire image with the brush side of the gray marker.
  8. As in step 2, use the silver leafing pen to outline the white stamped image and the greeting. Let dry.
  9. Adhere the 4” x 5.25” to the white card base, leaving an even border around all sides.
  10. Adhere the white image to the card as shown.
  11. Use pop dots to adhere the greeting as shown.
  12. Add silver Stickles glitter glue (up and down motion makes dots, or smear slightly for more coverage) to accent your card. I added glitter to the woman’s flowers, shoes, nails and purse, the letters on the words “shoes” and “skinny,” and finally the horizontal line that goes across the card on the printed panel. Be sure to let the Stickles dry completely.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hostess Benefits and New Stamps

It's not yet posted on our interactive catalog, but you can see the full-sized stamp sets at the link above.
For orders placed through me of $30 or more, we have (15) brand new Gift with Purchase stamps to choose from, which I've shown here. Click on the images to enlarge the stamps.
If you host an online FunShop, you can earn hostess benefits, starting with just $100 in retail sales (or your own purchases). Choose one of the hostess sets labeled TA- as part of our generous hostess benefits. You also may choose a half-price item with each $100 in sales.
When your party sales reach $250, in addition to your level A benefits, you may also choose a level B stamp set (from the selection labeled TB-) and you may choose an addition half-price item.
For our complete hostess benefits, check out my website here.
If you've purchased $50 or more with me within the past six months, you should received a free hard copy of our full-color catalog within the next two weeks (I'm still waiting for my shipment to arrive). Otherwise, you can purchase a new catalog here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Stamp of the Month and Vintage Stamp of the Month

These two sets can be yours with any $30 purchase (before shipping and handling), only through June 30.

June's Stamp of the Month, Butterfly Boxes, is a whimsical set of 4. You can purchase this set for a limited time at a discount price of just $5.95. Be sure to check out The Angel Company's website for some samples on how to use this set. Click on the thumbnail images on the right to see more full-size sample cards and projects.

Our Vintage Stamp of the Month is the classic TAC Bear My Hugs stamp set of 7 for just $10.95. Stamp these cute little bears and have them "bear" your greetings for any occasion. Classic TAC lovers, your time has come!

When I checked today, these sets weren't yet posted on the TAC website. If you'd like to order these sets, email me with your order instead. You'll qualify for a free Gift with Purchase stamp as well when I place the order for you!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Discontinued stamps...

As you may know, we have a new catalog coming in July. With each new catalog, we retire some stamps to make way for new sets. Get these sets while you can--they won't be seen in the next catalog:

Also, please note that all the gift with purchase stamps will be retiring as well to make way for new items. And the hostess sets are usually moved into the general catalog to make room for new hostess sets.
Please note: This list is as complete as possible, though some sets may be added or removed at the company's discretion.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Big on Fun Promotion #2

We're on our second batch of limited edition Big on Fun sets!
From May 9 through June 16, 2008, when you spend $30 or more (before shipping and handling), you can purchase up to one of each of these limited edition miniature sets for just $2.95 per set. It's a great deal. And I adore the new Small Sentiments set--so sweet!
These sets are perfect additions to your stamp collection--you can use them for scrapbook page embellishments, tags or envelopes. Enjoy!
Click here for a full-size flyer.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to deal with your photographs

When you're first getting started, it can be overwhelming to deal with your photographs. Fortunately, many people have gotten into digital photography now--using programs like iPhoto to store, sort and label your photos is a great way to stay organized. You print out just the best shots for your layouts. A word of advice: it's worth the investment to backup your photos regularly. Use a secondary disk drive--even if you just periodically make a copy of all your photos onto a CD--so you have a copy of them in case of a hard drive failure or a fire.
Most of us, though we may be living in a digital age, still have some prints. What do we do with them? If you're like me, I had a huge box (or two) of photos, in something close to chronological order--when the film was developed. It can be a daunting task to go through these prints and figure out what to do with them. Here are some tips:
Make a list of the albums you'd like to make, and make notes as to which photos to include and as to how you'd eventually like the pictures sorted. Here's a sample list:

  • Baby David (birth - 2 years, chronological)
  • Baby Kate (birth - 2 years, chronological)
  • Wedding (professional and friendly photos, plus honeymoon)
  • Christmas (by year)
  • Personal Growth (high school, college, other artistic education years, chronological)
  • Book of Us (milestones in our marriage relationship, chronological)
  • Best Shots (artistic photos and favorites shots, no order)
  • Family album (any other photos, chronological)
Start sorting! You'll need some temporary containers for this process. I use a two-step sorting technique:
  1. Sort by the general album. Put every picture into an album pile. As you're sorting, it might become clear you need another album, so add another pile. As painful as it is, if you find a shot that is out of focus or blurry, throw it out. If you can't identify who or what it is (and you don't know anyone who can), throw it out. (Make a help-me pile, if you need to.)
  2. Sort each album pile by its theme. Sort each album pile into three piles--to be scrapped, to be kept elsewhere, and to be tossed (in case you missed any the first time through). Store the extra photos in a box or an acid free photo album. When determining which photos to scrapbook, start considering the size of your album now--how many photos will easily fit on the page, how many shots of a particular occasion will you need, and which are the best shots to use. Sometimes, a memory can be enhanced when you use multiple shots of a particular event (see my July 2007 page).
If you're anxious to get started, you can go through this process box by box and start scrapping right away. However, you may find more photos of an event you've already scrapbooked in other boxes. If you find more than one, great: add another layout. Most albums will allow you to insert and rearrange pages. But you may just find a single photo. A great shot. Then what? So I recommend you do step one with all your photos, and step two with just your first project. Then start scrapping.
Just a few basics on photos: First, you should store your photos where you live--not too hot or too cold, not too wet or dry. Don't put them in your garage! Second, if it's your only copy, consider cropping carefully. Or, if you aren't the original photographer, do not crop the photograph. In my experience, it can be offensive to people to crop photos. Especially with older photographs, just leave them whole. Third, if it's a Polaroid, make a copy (preferably a digital copy) to use in your scrapbook and never cut the original. Fourth, acid content (and the lack thereof) is very important in scrapbooking. If an item is touching your photo, make sure it is acid-free, or it will fade your photos over time. Finally, if you print your photos, be aware that most printer inks fade faster than photographs do. You can buy printers that archival ink, but it wouldn't hurt to include a CD in the back of your finished scrapbook that includes digital copies of all the prints you used.
Hope this helps you--don't be too overwhelmed. If you hesitate to go through that big box of photos, start small with a theme-specific album that doesn't require that you collect all your photos in advance. Have a good time and make great art!

Shopping list for new scrappers

Are you tempted to get into scrapbooking, but are confused with what supplies you need? Are you on a limited budget or do you have limited storage space to add your supplies to your home? Are you a new scrapbooker who needs down-to-earth advice and a shopping list as to what you really need to start scrapping? This post is for you.
To get started, you will need photos. If you can print them, that's easiest: you can edit and crop them before printing, plus you can resize them to fit your needs. If you already have a box of photos handy, that's great, too. I'll do another entry on the what to do with your photos later.
When you're first starting, I recommend you start buying your supplies slowly. Here are the basics:

Choose coordinating products for the best results--for beginning and advanced scrappers alike, coordinated products take the guess-work out of matching for you. I also recommend that you buy the colors that you like best, even if you think these won't "match" your photos. You can always print your photos out black and white, and most people find it easiest to work with colors and prints that they like, rather than ones that are currently trendy. Shop for paper by color scheme (or theme, depending on your first project), and try to stay within that theme. Staying within the theme will help your projects flow more smoothly--from page to page.
Once you've been scrapbooking for a while, you'll find your style developing. Then, you can add embellishments and paper to match what you have, and you won't accumulate supplies you don't like and won't use.
You might want your first album to be a smaller size, at least 8x8 or 9x9 or even a smaller gift album. This size is much easier to complete. Many crafters find that completing a smaller project (for example a mini mother's day album, a year-in-review, or a Christmas wish-list album) encourages them to go on and tackle larger or open-ended projects (such as a baby book or wedding album). Keep in mind that you can have more than one project going at once--this will often free your creative space and spirit, so if you get tired of one project, you can work on another.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Meet your Match--Matchbook Kit

Meet your match
with Matchbook Kits from TAC™! For a limited time, from May 9 through June 16, celebrate the end of our catalog year with a bang with this special promotion. For just $28.90, you will receive:

  • Pemberley Bay™ Matchbook Kit
  • Limited edition True Wealth stamp set (only available with this offer, set of 9 elegant scrapbooking stamp)
  • Free Rockin' Roxie™ Matchbook Kit
You'll be able to create an entire album in a single evening--and it's so rewarding, we're throwing in two matchbooks for you to finish in one night!
We have matching ribbons (for Pemberley Bay™ and Rockin' Roxie™) and hardware (for Pemberley Bay™ and Rockin' Roxie™) available for these kits, if you desire, or you can use your own. Contact me if you need more info--and here is the direct link for purchasing.

Perfect Palette Promotion

Available only while supplies last, our retired Soar With It™ cardstock collection Bella Flor is available for just $10.  You save 50% off the original retail price of $19.95.

Each pack includes one of each heavy-weight 12x12 sheet of printed cardstock (16 total), plus one sheet of small alphabet stickers and one sheet of large monograms, and a sheet of die cut tags and embellishments.
There's never been a better time to invest in scrapbook or cardmaking supplies for spring, summer and mother's day themes.  Buy two for extra scrapbook supplies.  But don't wait!  Stock will not last long, so get yours today!
Need ideas as to how to use this kit?  Check out Mischelle's latest project idea and make a mini album using this kit (or any other of your choosing) paper in a snap!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Big" on Fun Promotion

Beginning April 7 through May 5, 2008, you can get fun miniature limited edition stamp sets for just $2.95 per set with a qualifying $30 purchase. You may purchase up to one of each of these sets with each qualifying purchase, and you will earn two Gift with Purchase stamps, plus you can purchase the Stamps of the Month with the same qualifying purchase.

We're offering miniature curls, spring, roses, and the frog and pond set. Each set has a retail value of $5.95, and these sets will not be available in any catalog.

Host a party and earn a free set with every $100 in workshop sales orders! Contact me for more information.

April Stamp of the Month

I'm pleased to announce April's Stamp of the Month and Vintage Stamp of the Month specials. To qualify for these specials, you must purchase $30 retail. (Email me before placing your order to get two free Gift with Purchase stamps with your order as well!)

April's Stamp of the Month is called Friendly Greetings. It's just $6.95 with your qualifying $30 purchase. It's a set of 12 cute stamps for any occasion.

The Vintage Stamp of the Month can be yours as well for just $6.95 with the same $30 purchase. Feelin' Buggy is a set of 6 realistic-looking bug stamps, classic TAC™ style.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Savvy Projects blog

Be sure to check out the newest TAC™ company blog, Savvy Projects. Learn how to assemble our matchbook kits and get step-by-step instructions on other great projects you can make today. This blog features lots of photos--great for those of us (including me) who are directionally challenged!

Celebration special...

Through the months of March and April, TAC™ is thrilled to present our Celebration promotion. You can take advantage of several terrific deals, only through April 30!

  1. Customer specials: Every $30 in purchase will now earn you two free Gift with Purchase stamps.
  2. Hostess specials: We are doubling our hostess benefits during Celebration as well. Book a workshop in person (in the San Diego area) or online of just $100 retail or more, and you will qualify for two half-off items and two level A hostess sets! You can see our complete hostess benefits here--and they are doubled during this promotion.
  3. New demonstrators: Become an Angel and receive an addition $50 in T-coded stamps with your new Angel start-up kit. This means you will get $358 worth of products for just $150, plus you'll get all the benefits of being an Angel (for life) with TAC™. We have the lowest monthly minimums in the business, making us perfect for hobbyist demonstrators. Plus, we have the least saturated market--you might even be the first Angel in your town! Contact me for more information, or download the information packet here.
You must contact me to take advantage of any of these offers. Email me today!

March Stamp of the Month

The Angel Company's Stamp of the Month for March is here! It's called Goody Jar, and it can be yours for just $5.95 with any $30 purchase. You can see all kinds of fun ideas and uses for this versatile set on the company web page.
Also, the Vintage Stamp of the Month is here as well. It's called Eclectic Images, and it includes a border stamp and photo corner--essentials from scrapbookers!
Don't forget: you must make a $30 purchase in order to qualify for these special deals. And they are only available through the end of this month, March. Plus, every order this month and in April is eligible for two free Gift with Purchase stamps, during our Celebration promotion. Contact me for details before you place the order!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New contest winners

Be sure to visit our Creative Corner where our monthly contest winners' work is posted. It's new for this month.
Did you know: TAC™ demonstrators may participate in monthly contests for publication in our catalog, on our website, and best of all, $75 in free stamps from TAC™? It's another great perk of being an Angel!

Spring Supplement is available now!

Check out thirteen new stamp sets available now on our new Spring Supplement. On the TAC™ website you can also see a new feature of our supplements--Project Cards. These clever recipe-sized cards will provide you with inspiration and fun gifts... for free!
Also available April 1, we're thrilled to offer the new Crop-A-Dile II Big Bite for all your hole punching and eyelet-setting needs. You'll love the 6" reach of this easy-to-use effortless and silent eyelet and grommet setter. You'll now even be able to set an eyelet in the center of your 12x12 page, in addition to punching through leather, fabric, plastic, chipboard and thin tin! It's a great deal at just $39.99!

Friday, February 8, 2008

February Stamp of the Month

Sorry for the delay--I realized I actually posted March's SOTM information in an earlier entry. Here is the deal for February:

With any $30 purchase, you can get this fun set of 8 for just $7.95. Adorable bunnies and chicks add a lot to your spring card crafting collection. Visit this page for a full-size view, along with fun project ideas using these stamps.

One of my favorite vintage sets, this retired set of 12 can be yours for just $13.95 with a $30 purchase. This is a great set for scrapbooking--especially when you create gift books for others.

Remember that you will also earn a free Gift with Purchase stamp with any $30 purchase as well when you place your order through me (by email or phone). Happy stamping!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Winchester Soar with It™

Using only a few products, I finally am getting back into card-making. If you like the colors you see here, check out more ideas on my Winchester page. I adore the simple chalk finish of VersaMagic, and I love how it shows up so gently on colored cardstock.