Friday, July 18, 2008

Alison's Collage


  1. Begin with the lightest shade of ink from the VersaMagic set, Wheat. Ink up one of the square stamps from the It’s Always Springtime stamp set, and stamp a checkerboard pattern on a white 4”x5.25” glossy panel. Be careful to not to rock the stamp, and be extra careful to use an up and down motion when using glossy paper, since it smears easily. (This project works best on glossy paper, since the chalk ink dries to a nice, matte finish.) Start with a single stamp on the cardstock, and then attach iterations, re-inking each time you stamp the image. Be sure you stamp off the edge of the card as shown in my example.
  2. Next, change to another block, and use the next darker color, Niagara Mist. Start in another place and do another checkboard pattern, ignoring the first pattern. You will overlap the first pattern some, but do not cover all your white space.
  3. Ink up a final square with Sage ink, and make another checkerboard pattern, beginning in another spot on your card. Your card should be getting fairly densely covered at this point, but you should still have some white showing.
  4. Now, switch to Brilliance ink in Pearlescent Olive and the Script Background stamp. Ink up the stamp well, and start stamping in the upper left corner on about a 45 degree angle, as I show in the picture.
  5. Continue covering the entire card with the script stamp in columns, re-inking each time. When you finish the first column, you’ll want to continue on to the side columns as well, until the entire card is covered with the script, as shown.
  6. Next, ink the outer edges of the card using Coffee Bean Brilliance ink. You can either lightly drag the edges of the card across the ink pad’s surface, or brush the ink lightly across the edge of the card.
  7. Set the glossy panel aside to dry.
  8. Meanwhile, stamp the sentiment (“Brighter Place” fits nicely) on the small strip (0.5" x 4") of glossy white paper in Sahara Sand ink. It should line up perfectly.
  9. Ink the edges of this strip with Coffee Bean ink and let dry.
  10. Line up your ribbon about 1/3 of the way across the front of your stamped white card front, or as desired.
  11. Turn the card over to the back, holding the ribbon ends. Using tape, tape the ends of the ribbon to the back of the card.
  12. Apply adhesive to the back of stamped glossy panel, and attach it to the folded green card base (cut to 8.5" x 5.5"). It is cut slightly smaller than the card base, so it should leave a perfect narrow border.
  13. Next, attach the sentiment as desired--I put mine towards the bottom right of the card with the sheer ribbon slightly overlapping the sentiment.
  14. Finally, attach a spiral clip as desired for the final touch.

Paper Piecing #2


  1. Ink the edges of the 5.25" x 4" large floral print panel with brown ink and let dry.
  2. Ink the edges of the 1" x 5.5" striped strip of cardstock and let dry.
  3. Stamp the geisha image several times in black ink: first on a 1.75" x 3.25" white cardstock panel, then several partial scraps (she doesn’t need to fit on all the scraps, since you’ll be cutting out pieces of her outfit in a moment). Let these pieces dry.
  4. Adhere the large floral print background to the wine card base (8.5" x 5.5").
  5. Adhere the striped strip to the floral print base as shown.
  6. Begin cutting out pieces of the geisha’s kimono, cutting on the stamped line. Don’t worry about getting it exact--the pieces will fit together perfectly if you cut on that line.
  7. Adhere each piece to the white stamped image, being careful to line up the images as you go.
  8. Keep cutting out pieces and adding them in layers to the white stamped image as shown. I left the geisha’s hands bare.
  9. If you have white edges showing through from scissor cuts, fill them in with black marker. I also colored the geisha’s hair in with black marker.
  10. Next, using the broad, brush side of the gray marker, go around the entire image. This gives the image a softer look, and blends the pieces together.
  11. Ink the edges of this panel in brown ink, and adhere it to main card as shown.
  12. Stamp the “beauty” sentiment in black to the punched tab, ink the edges in brown, and adhere to the card as shown.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Paper Piecing Tutorial


  1. Shake the leafing pen well with the cap on. Remove cap, and press the marker tip up and down several times on scratch paper to start the paint flowing.
  2. Place a 4” x 5.25” panel from the Uptown Girl paper on the scratchpad. Line up the flat side of the leafing pen with about half the marker tip on the edge of panel and half on the scratch paper. Draw a straight line along the edge of the panel. You should have an even silver border. Pick up the panel and turn it to do the next side, till all four sides are complete. Let dry.
  3. Ink the lady holding the purse from the Kallioppe stamp set with black ink and stamp her once on a 2” x 3” white rectangle, and once on the dot/stripe print from Uptown Girl. Let dry.
  4. Stamp the shoe greeting on a rectangle punched from Uptown Girl. Let dry.
  5. Being careful to cut directly on the black stamped line, cut out just the dress from the dot/stripe stamped image. Don’t worry about the curls on the design. You’ll want just the dress as shown. For best results, turn the paper and keep the scissors straight as you cut.
  6. Apply a bit of adhesive to the printed dress and adhere it to the stamped image on the white cardstock. It should line up perfectly. If you have any scissor marks showing, fill them in with black marker.
  7. Outline the entire image with the brush side of the gray marker.
  8. As in step 2, use the silver leafing pen to outline the white stamped image and the greeting. Let dry.
  9. Adhere the 4” x 5.25” to the white card base, leaving an even border around all sides.
  10. Adhere the white image to the card as shown.
  11. Use pop dots to adhere the greeting as shown.
  12. Add silver Stickles glitter glue (up and down motion makes dots, or smear slightly for more coverage) to accent your card. I added glitter to the woman’s flowers, shoes, nails and purse, the letters on the words “shoes” and “skinny,” and finally the horizontal line that goes across the card on the printed panel. Be sure to let the Stickles dry completely.