Monday, April 27, 2009

Garage Sale Stamps

These are cut stamps, and used--from previous catalog years. You will probably want to assume you will need to a) clean the stamps and possibly b) buy new Creative Cling foam for them also, since some may be undercut (hence the bargain bin prices). I'm getting rid of these because I'm out of storage space and I can't demo these stamps at my workshops anymore--since we don't sell them anymore.

I have a website of photos of the actual stamps. CD case is included in all purchases, and this is my first batch of uploads (I have lots of the eclectic style from several years ago, and I'll be taking more photos within the next week). Here's the pricing:

Single CD case stamps-- one set $3
two to four sets $2 per set
five or more sets, $1 each set

Two-CD case stamps-- one set $4,
two to three sets, $3 per set
four or more sets, $2 per set

The website:

I will ship via USPS priority mail, so I can use flat-rate shipping and track your packages (and ship online). I'd like to accept Paypal only (credit cards or funded/bank transactions are fine), though if you'd prefer to pay by check (and I've accepted a check or money order from you before, that's OK, too.

First come, first serve basis--I will go by when I receive the email. Payment expected same day, so please don't email me if you won't be able to pay that day. Please include your zip code with your order, so I can include shipping charges, and please include your Paypal address. Thanks so much!

Email your order to me at Thanks for shopping!

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